Bring your clean containers to our physical store to refill with our liquid and lotion toiletries:

- We have a range of Alter/Native brand liquid shampoos, conditioners and body washes.

- We have Bio D sanitising liquid hand wash.

- We have gorgeous bubble bath, body lotion, and hand lotion by Bramley.

Scrub up nice with our lovely plastic-free toiletries!  We have an extensive range of solid soaps, cleansers, shampoos and conditioner bars. We also have recycled paper and bamboo toilet rolls and tissues, reusable sanitary products, safety razors, deodorants, lip balms, solid perfumes, bamboo cotton buds, washable baby wipes and makeup wipes, natural loofahs, sunscreen, hair products, bamboo combs, toothpaste tabs, dental floss, and bamboo toothbrushes for adults and children!